No, I’m not crazy. That is…unless I want to be. I’m just making some changes around here in regards to how I plan to spend the next 40 or so years, God willing. It’s that point where you make the break to step it out and up. No turning back. I could insert a bunch of cliches in here…but I’ll just say this..I can write dawn to dusk. Easy easy. But what I spend so much time doing is around keeping up with all of the technology, platforms, posts, social media…stuff connected or integrations broken with an update. The beautiful experience of sitting for hours just pouring words on paper – free flow – are a precious aspiration. The fun experience of dripping sarcasm and witticisms all over the keyboard…challenging with the back end office stuff that seems to go along with maintaining a platform.

So, today it was official – everything is running smoothly, communicating and playing well in the sandbox. This means that I can grab a bottle of wine and get some writing done. I can be a free bird in a free flow state of being. It means that everything half done will be baked out a little bit each day – until that magic moment……when it’s edited. When it’s submitted. And when it’s published.

Then, I’ll happily…rinse and repeat.

God it feels amazing to be writing again.